Instructor-Led Training

The traditional method of instructor-led training or classroom training has not lost its charm despite the advent of eLearning. Training is facilitated by a live instructor either online or in a classroom setting.

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Behavioural Training

Soft-skills training has become an essential part of all corporate training as it is an asset to have employees with well-developed personalities. Behavioural training includes developing qualities and skills that enable a person or team to achieve excellence in any set goal.

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Sales Training

Sales training is paramount to any organisation, as it has direct impact on an organisation’s growth. End-to-end sales training encompasses skills development at all touch points in a sales process and cover people from the feet-on-street resources to the CEO of an organisation.

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Experiential Training

Video games are aplenty but there's nothing like actually dribbling the ball on the ground. This module deals with outbound training and learning that happens through outdoor games and experiences.

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Management Development Training

In the business world where growth is assured, it is necessary for one to develop managerial skills. This module is designed to assist aspiring employees, to be a part of C-suite by bettering and boosting themselves.

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Leadership Training

Leadership training helps in empowering your top level management workforce to become effective enough to drive and maintain your organisation in the growth path.

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To meet today’s demand for learning in the flow of work, coaching plays a vital role in enabling your workforce to develop the key skills essential to propel your business goals.

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