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We create engaging eLearning content that caters to all facets of corporate learning needs. We use appropriate tools to make learning immersive and fun ensuring employees retain the information learned.

customized elearning lab

Customised eLearning

‘One size fits all’ – Not anymore. Every learner is unique in his/her learning capabilities, hence there is a need for personalisation. We personalise content by customising the learning content, learning experience and learning outcomes.

gamified learning

Gamified Learning

Whoever said that learning can’t be fun. Integrating game mechanics into learning unlocks intrinsic motivators that drive the learner to stay focused. Incorporating points, badges and levels enhance the learning experience and ensure course completion.



High on impact and short on time, microlearning incorporates rich graphics and animations to create curiosity. Addressing the growing need for instant learning, microlearning is informal and focuses on gaining knowledge from micro content.

scenario based

Scenario-based Learning

Scenario-based learning enables learning through well-crafted scenarios to support active learning strategies such as problem-based or case-based. It uses the idea that knowledge is best acquired and more fully understood when situated within its context.

application testing

Application Simulation

Skip the tiring user manuals while onboarding your team for an enterprise application, software or business tool. Leverage the 'Try Test Retry'-based software and application simulations for engaged and comprehensive training.

blended learning

Blended Learning

Develop a holistic learning environment by supplementing instructor-led training with digital learning tools such as virtual classrooms, video conferencing and eLearning.

just in time learning

Just-in-time Learning (JIT)

JIT ensures learning effectiveness out of any content topic through short and highly impactful lessons aided by relevant support tools and job aids.

digital creatives

Digital Creatives

Add an element of uniqueness to your brand communication through marketing collaterals, infographics and videos, customised to suit different corporate needs.

technical Writing

Technical Writing

Develop in-depth technical documents for software and hardware users and developing SOPs for businesses that will serve as knowledge and resource bank for learning, reference and troubleshooting.

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